Instagram is arguably the biggest social media platform in the world, and it isn’t just a tool for businesses anymore! Brides can jump on their phones and in a matter of minutes find the dress, the shoes, the flowers and even the venue of their dreams! The possibilities are endless, and with Instagram’s popularity only accelerating, more and more brides and grooms want to say “I Do” in a beautiful, picture-perfect location that will grab their social media followers attention. With that said, we’ve curated a list of 5 Instagram worthy features to be looking for when you’re searching for that perfect Adelaide venue for you… and your Instagram feed!

1. Stunning Backdrops

Wedding venues in Adelaide often offer stunning backdrops for their events. Whether it’s a beautiful view, stunning greenery or rustic decors, IG-worthy venues already look great even before adding your personal touch. Sometimes, you can even request to custom-make a backdrop for a unique wedding theme. With the right vendors, anything is possible! And we have worked with some of the best. At Ten 22, the beautiful backdrops are never-ending and there are so many to choose from!

2. Beautiful Decors

In addition to lovely backdrops, most venues feature beautiful decors and personal designs. While these venues range from formal functions to rustic spaces, it’s the IG-worthy details that really get people’s attention. Think vintage Parisian furniture, pallet walls, splendid Argentinian doors framing the grazing or bridal tables and luxury flowing sheer curtains… Just a few of the gorgeous features you’ll find at Ten 22!

3. Amazing Lighting

Lighting is a must for every wedding venue. Not only does it help set the mood of the event, it also creates the perfect atmosphere for your photos. A wedding venue with twinkling lights always makes a popular choice. You’ll find a grand one-of-a-kind Italian chandelier in the heart  of our main space here at Ten 22, along with candles a-plenty and gorgeous twinkling fairy lights in our magical courtyard!

4. Wow Factor

According to event planners, the most popular wedding venues in Adelaide have a “wow factor” that makes couples want to host their wedding there. While some have perfectly manicured grounds, others have rustic and historical ruins. It seems that the venues themselves become part of the decor. For us, the wow factor is crucial in every single thing that we do… Our food, beverages, décor, lighting and backdrops all contribute to keep your guests, and Instagram followers, excited and wowed at every turn.

5. Great Food

We often get asked as to why we only do shared table menus at our catered events. For an Adelaide wedding we understand it isn’t conventional, and set dinners have long been the standing tradition for wedding menus. While this may be the case for common weddings, we are a unique rustic wedding venue. There is a reason we choose to do shared table menus, and why we do them so well. We love to create an experience for all the senses. Not only are our Paella Bar menus flavoursome, but the scent when they are cooked in the space fragrances the room, giving rise to mouth-watering guests. As if eyeing off the colourful, stunning feasts alone wouldn’t do it. Devouring delicious cuisine at Ten 22 is an event, not just a meal. Guests at Ten 22 are spoilt for choice. Gone are the days of the dreaded chicken or fish. Instead your guests can choose from an abundance of choices fresh from pan to table. We are re-creating the spectacular banquet of yesteryear, with more flavour, more pizazz, and with more spiced sangria than you can consume in a lifetime. We are giving it all at every event, and we are doing it with style.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to making a choice from all the wedding venues in Adelaide, you can never go wrong. What’s important is that you incorporate details about you and your journey as a couple, and add elements about your relationship that you can share with your family and friends. If you are looking to book a wedding venue in Adelaide that is Instagram worthy, Ten 22 has it all. This venue has become a witness to many love stories, and we would love yours to join the family. Contact us at 0404 035 448 to book our venue or send us an email at