We often get asked as to why we only do shared table menus at our catered events. For an Australian wedding we understand it isn’t conventional, and set dinners have long been the standing tradition for wedding menus. While this may be the case for common weddings, there is a reason we choose to do shared table menus, and why we do them so well.

We love to create an experience for all the senses. Not only are our Paella Bar menus flavoursome, but the scent when they are cooked in the space fragrances the room, giving rise to mouth-watering guests. As if eyeing off the colourful, stunning feasts alone wouldn’t do it. Devouring delicious cuisine at Ten 22 is an event, not just a meal.

Guests at Ten 22 are spoilt for choice. Gone are the days of the dreaded chicken or fish. Instead your guests can choose from an abundance of choices fresh from pan to table. We are re-creating the spectacular banquet of yesteryear, with more flavor, more pizazz, and with more spiced sangria than you can consume in a lifetime. We are giving it all at every event, and we are doing it with style.

The idea of a shared table is exactly that; sharing. We want the food to be passed, for guests to partake in the experience; to participate and involve themselves in the conversations and the people surrounding them. Weddings, any events really, are times for people to come together; to connect. Our paella, sliders, lamb shanks, pizzas; they do just that. Nothing brings people closer together than food, and our menus promote interaction over the table; elevating enjoyment.

Shared tables also make way for a more relaxed dining experience. We don’t cater stuffy dining halls where conversations are muted, and the words best behavior are echoed through the space. Instead we create an all-in help yourself environment where guests are free to eat as much or as little as they want. The best part being that no one goes home hungry; we over-cater to over-deliver. We want your guests to rave about the food, the event, the ambiance – and they do.

If this post does not already have you licking your lips, you are about to. Not only are our shared table menus a whole sensory experience, an abundance of choice, conversation starters, and a relaxing alternative; they look divine. Visually, your guests will be appeased before first bite. Your Instagram worthy photos will be the talk of wedding magazines, and the words “stunning wedding” may be thrown around here and there. If you don’t believe us, see for yourself…