Sometimes a flicker of a spark is all it takes to pique one's interest. Or every so often, you might feel the fireworks. But then there's that beautiful once in a lifetime moment, beyond anything you've ever felt... And you just know.

Only two weeks after meeting, my man and I walked hand in hand into Ten22, the 27th of May 2017 branded on our minds. It was a Wednesday evening in November, balmy and beautiful. A pair of black double doors were held ajar welcoming us into the industrial chic boutique venue. It was our style to a tee. Antique furnishings mixed with the promise of hearty food and lighting to set any mood, we made up our minds almost as quickly as we had made the decision to get married. Again, it was a confidence from God. We were in the right place in our lives both emotionally and now physically.

Nat and Dave made the process flawlessly easy. A seven month window was all we had to plan - there wasn't even a ring yet! (That came Christmas Eve...) Still, we had decided very early that all we wanted was a celebration and we knew, without a doubt, that Ten22 was the perfect place to hold it.

One planning meeting, one set up day and the next time I strolled into Ten22 was in a big white dress. Nat was all smiles and full of well wishes as we made our entrance. Our bridal party was then ushered to the Parisian Lounge while our guests mingled near the bar. After a few champagnes and some much needed refreshments, it was time.

We burst through the sheer curtains that spanned from floor to ceiling into a room filled with applause. Our guests clinked their cutlery against their glasses insisting we kiss beneath the exquisitely ornate chandelier - not that we needed much convincing.

When we booked with Nat and Dave they assured us no one would leave hungry. Coming from a Russian family, this was music to my ears. Still, the gourmet Spanish feast exceeded even my expectations. From chorizo to bruschetta to masses of paella and so much more, our guests could barely eat the rose frosted cupcakes! Months later, people are still talking about the food.

Last night my husband and I (yes I still get chuffed to say that) attended Adelady's The Longest Table event to support Breast Cancer Research. We gazed around the room and reminisced about our special day. As I shook my heel from catching on the sheer curtain, I remembered the tulle of my dress getting snagged on some timber, followed by rip! I laughed. Both at the time and last night as I recalled it. After all, it's one day. One special day to celebrate - rip or no rip.

Ten22 is not just a venue, it's a unique space to create memories. When we walked in last night, we weren't treated as mere guests, we were treated like family. Just like the moment we met, the first time we stepped up to the black and white facade of Ten22, we knew.

Photography: Nimo Photography